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Yahoo Horoscope

"Solitude is sexy. Thinking is a pleasure. Stretch out those flashes of brilliance. Relationships could be challenging, but only if you try to hide your feelings. It's best to let it all hang out, so if you've got an apology to extend or receive, swallow your pride. You'll be smiling soon enough."

Well, today has been pretty relaxing, I slept and watched TV. I have thought a lot today about perceptions and people. I just talked to the sender of the email. She says she didn't agree with all of it, just some of it. She really wasn't thinking about what she was doing. Maybe she can right her wrong but still it won't go away. It made a reputation for her that she is not going to want. That makes me sad. :(

so my next weeks schedule is dumb.. work 3rd thurs & fri, 9-5 sunday and 6-2 monday. off tues and wed cuz i have jury duty and a million other events in there.. movie night on tues and benefit stuff on wednesday. grr gonna be a long week. saturday going to caid and mindy's house party. WOOHOO! I am really excited to be doing stuff again, it makes me feel better.
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