BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

weird coincidence

so yea, about the dream thing. I did end up making my phone work and talking to my mom. Interesting fact, she left me a message at 7:43pm. and I had woke at the same EXACT time and tried to call her about it when my phone didn't work. weird, her message was just inquiring about how i was, how the day went. I told her about the timing thing and she laughed. we are close like that, have weird ESP thing maybe?!eh, odd.
so i cant sleep today.. grr.. i was gonna go see John Edwards talk at MCC but i was really sleepy and laid down when i got off of work.. now i am up and slept sort of fitfully.. i'm so freakin tired of not being able to sleep. I dont know if i will see tristia today either :( sad face. she is doing some other things and i have to technically sleep sometime so i can work AGAIN!
tristia posted on dragkings about someone i think is attractive, i could KILL her. i dont know why she embarrasses me. LOL
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