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saturday.. LIVE

slept!! woohoo.. for like 4 hours before the phone started ringin off da hook. and so i got up, got around. then I went to Caid and Mindy's for the TGMI Open House for Transgender Awareness Day. I actually enjoyed the movie and had good conversation about lots of things that i wasn't aware of. I think when I talk to people more I realize a lot about myself. weird, ya know. So, Roxanne and I attended the even together. Both of our girlfriends were working. It felt weird to be there together because it seemed like everyone was staring at us or something. But we have been hangin out and stuff for like a month now, so it shouldn't be a surprise to see us together, I guess. Then we came back and sat in the truck listening to Alix Olsen and talking about all the family stuff going on with her. It's sad really how closed some families are about things. Her mom and family are so weird sometimes i just want to scream at them that they could make her life easier by just loving her unconditionally and not puttin restrictions on it. grr.. anyway, it was fun to talk about stuff, i enjoy good conversations.
going out to holloway in a little while to Jen's Bday party. Emily and them are having her a bonfire and stuff. So, yea, good times. whenever tristia gets out of work. gonna be interesting with me, roxanne, tris, and jen there. heh. i love times like these. its what makes the world interesting. b/c the only drama now is with me and jen. ok, gonna go nappy for a little minute. see everyone laters.
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