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true things

A lot of things have happened this week. A whole lot has happened actually. A lot of emotional ups and downs.. btu now i think that I am going uphill. I think that things are going to calm down and i will be able to enjoy things a little more. i have been trying to work out a lot of kinks with a lot of different things.
Tristia and I are okay again. I can't tell you how happy that makes me. I was so excited to get a message from her yesterday while I was at work. It made my day, well, until I saw her and then THAT made my day. There are a lot of things to work on, but this takes time, and she is willing, as am i. So, all will be well. I love her, and i think i realized how much last night. Interesting things happened to me yesterday. It was just one of those days for change/excitement/new beginnings. I died my hair back to reddish brown. I hung out with Sara. I scrapbooked. I took my piercing out. We watched Jordyn, she is amazing with her. I love watching them play, its adorable. We loved. aww. yea here i go getting all mushy. I feel like there is a new me coming of age right now.. and its sort of exciting. Maybe i just needed to have that little breakdown of nonstop crying emotionally drained billi to see what was going on, what was truly important to me, and what i need to let go. and roxanne and i have decided that it's best to go the other way now. Our others aren't really comfortable with the situation and we don't want to complicate that. She and tris like eachother, too. ( me and jen still hate eachother ) for now its just best to go back to not talking.
and i dont have jury duty today.. when i called last night, my letter wasnt up so i have to call back tonight to see if i still have it tomorrow. at least its a day off..
movie night tonight at MCC Prahl Center room 8 (top floor) I hope that you guys can all come. It should be a good movie from what i have heard.
off to do laundry and relax.. enjoy my inner glow :)
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