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aww happy thoughts

So, I just saw everyone at movie night and it was good times. It was a really awesome movie and it made me feel all mushy. Then tristia got there and she was looking super hot in this all black outfit and a red tie.. some of u will see it, she is wearing it to perform Thursday. AHH!! hot. so that was sexy times. and everything is gonna be okay and i see that and i have good friends. everyone was smiling and had good times, awesome conversation. and i felt me again, and yea. it was good. :) and now i have to go to bed in a lil while, because i got called to duty tomorrow. yippee.. this whole jury duty thing worries me. but i be ok.. once i decide what i want to wear. lol.. always the biggest problem. I was scheduled to work thursday but i am having chris work my last few hours for me so that i can make it to the show on time. YAY! and then on fri i work 5-9pm, weird.. and then sat 6-2 and sun & mon 3rd, wed 7-3 or something i think...grr.. i love my job. NOT !! wanna get a new one.
anywho.. enough in here. gonna go check some other ish.

I am The Hermit

The Hermit often suggests a need for time alone - a period of reflection when distractions are limited. In times of action and high energy, he stands for the still center that must be created for balance. He can also indicate that withdrawal or retreat is advised for the moment. In addition, the Hermit can represent seeking of all kinds, especially for deeper understanding or the truth of a situation. "Seek, and ye shall find," we have been told, and so the Hermit stands for guidance as well. We can receive help from wise teachers, and, in turn, help others as we progress.

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