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I am so completely drained. I can't tell you.
Yesterday was trial, then work, then Tristia's, then benefit..
The trial was boring yesterday and I was really tired.. work sucked and i was really happy to go home... to fix my hair and go to tristias.. to watch her to her face hair. lol.. so that we could go to the benefit.. which kicked ass.
I havent had that kind of fun in a really long time. I was super glad that everyone I love was there and we all enjoyed it together, and it was for a good cause. kick ass. The drag kings, queens, carrie, and amy all were fucking amazing! you would have had to be there to see just how awesome it was. It was really intense and fun, and the atmosphere was great. Yea, some people came that I haven't seen in a really long time.. and I saw some people I could have been better off not seeing. I drank a little bit much.. but made myself home somehow. Tristia was so cute, you should have seen here. Alex and Alicia, let me tell you, cutest couple, hottest drag kings. Alex danced w/Sara and I thought she was gonna have to go change her panties.. lol. She was drunk, too. Yea, then some shit was said to me, I felt uncomfortable and I opted to leave. So that was that. But I told tristia a lot of feelings stuff and I feel better. And I am glad that I have opened that line of communication with her now. Because she knows I love her, and that's what I needed to be sure of, because I know she loves me. Now it will all be fabulous. WAY TO GO the spot AND tgmi!! WOOHOO!
got to bed around 2am, up at 7 to get ready for court. I learned a lot about guns and DNA today. it was really hard to stay awake during this one 'experts' 3 hour testimony. 5 of us fell asleep (self included) so the judge gave us a break, and we were so happy. he was gettin tired too of this monotonous man babbling. grr. so yea, gonna go sleepy REALLY soon b/c i need it. talk latah.

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