BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

For you - a public entry!

Korea was fantastic! I can't tell everyone how much I fell in love with the country, the culture, the food, the street carts, everything. I felt very centered there and sure of what I want and where I'm going. I am more motivated to get myself through college and move there in the beginning of 2010. It seems so far away, but I know that it's really not. If you want to see more photos and stuff from the adventure, you can GO HERE and check it out.

The summer is already starting off well since I went to Korea and I leave Thursday to go to Michigan for a few days. I am so looking forward to just having a fantastic time and getting all the love I can from my people there. Patrick is going to be in Flint while I am there, too, which makes me SUPER happy. I couldn't ask for better timing to see my comrade. I miss him dearly and can't wait to see him!! I love my queer people, I don't get enough of that queer community connection here because everyone is so spread out and chill about things.

Love.. is not in the cards right now.. I have love. I might still be in love.. but I am not chasing love. I think that sometimes it's okay to let things lay dormant for a while and then resurface when the timing is right.
Tags: korea, love, michigan, travel

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