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It has taken me all this time to find out what i need..

So, this computer is f'd up. I did this whole entry, then it said connection lost, nothing posted. GRR.. so back to the beginning again.
Yesterday i worked and then sara and i slept together for a few hours (napping). Got up and went to Mt Morris to skate with Tristia, Alex, Alicia, and Ryan. It was wonderful times.. until the ending. The roller-guard bitch came over to #1 tell us not to drink outside the little cafeteria area and #2 remind us that this is a family place, you know. So, they needed some reason to make us feel like shit. We were already being stared at. Some girl told me that If i skated any closer she was going to get off the roller rink. So, blah. Sara and Alex gave the lady evil looks for the final moments of our venture. We all went to Lauren and Jen's for a little party. I got to know Alex and Alicia a lot better and they are really fun times. I think they are a little shy, but it's okay. We are all shy sometimes. Anyway, it was lots of fun. Sara got sick and mom had to come get her so i brought her car back to my apartment. Haven't heard from her, but I hope that she is alive and well. Today Tris and I went to breakfast and then to her house to bleach the walls. She has a basement room and there is a lot of moisture down there. So, we scrubbed the bottom of the walls, by the carpet. It was fun and I read the 2 newest issues of Girlfriends. whootwooht!
yea, now to sleepy time. I gotta work 3rd tonight. I just realized today that I am ECSTATIC!! things are how i want them, and i feel so happy right now. I have wonderful people in my life. I have great things happening, school is about to start, I have to find a new job ASAP. i couldn't possibly be happier or more in love.
'I dont wanna come back down from this cloud'

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