BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

it never fails

reasons I want a new job:
i hate working in flushing, my boss is a bitch, i hate 3rd shift, my hours keep gettin cut, too much talk-behind-ur-back drama, my manager is a liar, manager bitches at me for stupid shit.
OMG, so a few days ago I said I would do 2 shifts so that I could get more hours.. so I was working someone elses shift. Well, on saturday after my 1st shift, i realized i couldnt do the 2nd one, I was exhausted. So, I called Nancy and told her that I didnt want to do her shift, even tho I had previously agreed. She didnt care, she likes money too. My assistant manager approved this change. well, it put nancy on overtime, not my problem.. but apparently it is. This morning when the store manager got in, the first thing she did was bitch at me about it. my point is that she was going to be working 6 days in the first place, before i agreed. so, what the hell does it matter that it went back to the original scheduling? I guess she keeps gettin in trouble for Nancy gettin so much overtime while she is cuttin everyone else's hours. That is her fuckup, tho, not mine. Why am I gettin in trouble for it, when the assistant ok'd the change? You see, this chain of command is fucked up. I hate this place, i am currently seeking some new employment. We are closing in Feb anyway, better get a new job now.
GRR, speedway maks me so bitter. I couldnt sleep and so the night was like 1 million times longer. heh, i have things to do today if ever i get motivated..
"This is the day you get to take stock of what you've been working toward. When you go over the checklist, you are absolutely delighted to learn that everything you hoped for is starting to come true. If you're in the mood to celebrate, seek out the people who can really understand what all this means to you. The time has come to look back at your hardships and laugh at them. It's only a matter of time before the whole world knows your value"

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