BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

nothing worse than

nothing worse than not going to bed when u want to. nothing like fighting. there is nothing like roommates fighting scary style. there is nothing like feeling like you are the only one who believes/feels a certain way.
Lastnight was cute. I was tired and bought some interesting sex things. WOOHOO!
The roomies got in an arguement and scared the shit out of me and it was really intense/emotional. I remember why I said I wouldn't live in craziness ever again. It's too much. high emotion. memories. AAHH!
today yucky court shit. dileberation 2morrow finally. i am so ready for this trial shit to be over. its really draining.
hung out with alex, alicia, CJ, and Carrie tonight. watched the video from the show last week. it was goodness. i love watching kings perform, i cant even tell you. its awesome. and Tristia bought a binder from CJ, he is a good guy. *winks to CJ* it totally flattens her out better than the bandages do and it will be more comfortable once she gets used to it. interesting. i loves her very very much.. had great times with the pals today. it is always nice to sit around and talk with other queerly identified peeps. a nice relief from the homophobes on jury duty with me. GRR
lady on jury @ lunch time:
I cant believe it. I was flipping through channels and I stopped on Bravo! there was a GAY TV SHOW! I can't believe they put that stuff on television.
*thinking to self* I could have killed her! I wanted to punch her, come out to her, be like OMG WTF Are you thinking!!
but I am on a jury, we were in a public restaurant, and that's way inappropriate. so, i save my comments for when verdict is read and then i will tell her what a dirty davison hick i really think she is. oh! and get a fucking job.

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