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beautiful girl

Today i woke up with the most beautiful girl laying beside me. It was really nice to lay there and look at her. The past day or so I have been scanning all her pics so she can upload her webpage AGAIN! I have seen a lot of pics of her throughout her life. She is beautiful. I don't know if the rest of the world even sees it that way, but that's what I think. And she has no idea how awesome she is. that is part of what makes her so great. I was scanning some Tom pics from when he first emerged from her. And its cuteness. She looks so cute no matter what she is wearing or if she is herself or in drag. I still get caught up with the long hair pics. I knew her then, but it seems so long ago since her hair was like that. Weird how we all see people thru their hair, its true. The way a person keeps their hair totally makes their look. I like her with long hair, but i think she is more attractive with shorter hair. I think she is going to grow it out, though. I am not sure how long, but i dont think she should go for the total shoulder length hair again. It doesnt fit her personality/the way she dresses that much. anyway, i guess that is all that i have to say.
if you would like to see any of the pics of her long hair or babytom just let me know. i have all my pics on yahoo photo album. so yea, easy access. I heart everyone.
off to work for the first time in FOREVER!
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