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short temper?

Your temper is short. Your list of suspects is long. You're also setting yourself up for more trouble than you need. Be patient with others instead of blaming them for everything that's wrong with the world. You only think that they're holding you back. By a different reading of the same evidence, they might actually be helping you. Each person is a wellspring of hidden talents. Access resources that are just begging to be used. Once you see somebody at his or her best, you might even find a few good reasons to like that person. You can do better. Loved ones support you. Success comes as a pleasant surprise. You've attracted the appreciative attention of someone quite a bit older or younger than yourself. Forget the math. Concentrate on the Rolex instead
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I have never known myself to have a short temper so i hope that i am not ill tempered today. i am exhausted today and i dont know why. i think that i drank way too much coffee last night and then i couldnt sleep b/c i was so wired. LOL i went to this church thing with CJ, Carrie and Tristia. It was definitely amusing, if nothing else. The preacher wasnt exactly anti-gay it just seemed like he doesnt want homos to be married. he was like 'do this in love' and stuff like that, he wasnt all out rude to us. even though we were 'straight acting'. whatever that means. anywho.. had really nice conversation with tristia afterwards.. about the idea of sluttiness and what makes a ho. If she is a ho b/c we were together then wouldnt that make me a ho, too? i have heard a lot of opinions on the matter of her 'getting around' and i wonder if these same rules apply to me. why is it bad that she has been with a handful of girls.. some she was dating.. and its ok that i have made out with 2 people in the same week? interesting how the rules change depending on people. we are all young, and single, and if we want to have sex with eachother or anyone else it shouldnt affect anyone else. we decided as long as no one is getting hurt or played out why is it relevant to anyone else? casual sex is a part of life.. granted i never thought that i would be the type or person to partake in casual sex, but whatever. i have needs too.. lol.. and better a friend than a stranger i suppose. separating emotion from sex isnt as hard as i had thought it to be. but then it depends on the person you are with, too. you cant have casual sex with someone that you have feelings for, that gets complicated but having casual sex with a person that you respect and are comfortable with is okay. so yea, thats my speil about casual sex.
heh.. and kyle and i had nice talk about relationships and revelations. i have grown a lot and came to a lot of new conclusions about life. kyle said that he enjoys this new me and these new things i am throwing at him. change is comin and im gonna go with the flow. standing on my own 2 feet has been VERY liberation and i feel free. i can do what i need to do b/c i am the type of person that has to do it alone. yea, so thanks to all my peeps out there. if anyone sees/talks to roxanne tell her i want my money today or else!

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