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Computer is being normal again. Funny story. I went to bed, ya know, because I work 3rd tonight. Well tristia called me around 8pm. my ringer was off but my voicemail notification was on. So, i woke up, looked at the phone. I thought it was 8am and i was wondering why she was up so early and why she was calling me. Because I thought it was saturday and i dont have to be up til later. I called her back and in the process i realized it was night not day. lol. more interesting. She interrupted this dream i was having. OMG its insane.
So in this dream.. the cast is: self, sara, alex, matthew, brandon, and unknown other female.
(matthew is this guy i dated for a little while and i dated brandon for a long time)
So we were going hunting. I was in this cabin and had sex with the unknown gal. Then we all got ready and were driving out to the woods. It was weird, Sara and I were talking about me adn this girl having sex. And someone said that Brandon saranaded me and i was like NO. Matthew was talking about things we used to do. Alex was just commenting on everything, and giving directions. Matthew was going crazy, and kept turning around again and again. And I was telling him he has problems with his power steering. And it was really weird, we were deerhunting. I told them it was more tristia's thing than mine and that she should have came instead of me. you would have to be in my head. i have insane dreams.
eh, gonna eat something and head out to Flushing. waiting to here if tristia go to Stilletto's ok. She was in a bad rain storm a lil while ago.

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