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"An unhappy visitor, probably a woman, could come to your home today, dear Capricorn. This person has a lot of anger inside her right now and probably won't make much of a conversationalist. If you can't make your excuses, then put on some harp music, or perhaps a funny video. You might be surprised at the results! Some soothing chords or a few laughs just might accomplish wonders. Be clever!"

Ok, so if you are angry at me, come on over but I might be sleeping. I just woke up from some MUCH needed heavy sleep. I have been dreaming like mad lately. I dreamed that i got a restraining order against roxanne. twisted. I have to get ready and go to mott. They are having a membership drive thingy. All of the clubs have to go there and try and get new members. I think its messed up that they are doing it on a Saturday. Like anyone wants to go to school then.
ok, so i need to stop talking on the phone and writing on here and get something accomplished.
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