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it's almost that time.. you know.. fall/autumn. My favorite season. I am really happy for that. YAY for sweaters and winter-ish clothing. I love clothes that keep you warm.. but I also love those fall evenings just sitting outside feeling the chill. Yea, i a little weird.
To the point, we are doing a major cleaning of our apartment. So far, Dee and Prec room is cleaned.. they are moving the computer into the other room (good idea) and moving Jordyn's bed into their room. This leaves me with a lot more space in MY room. Her dresser will still be in there, but I will have more free space and I will be able to move my room around a little better. I am about to start bagging up all of the stuffed animals in there. You have no idea how much shit there is. Kids have too many toys these days. I swear it. I have to take some of my stuff down into the storage. I went down there and went through what I already had, left some of it there, brought some upstairs. I found a lot of clothes that I am going to donate to TGMI's clothing sale thingy. So, some hot chica can wear my cute skirts. There is this one skirt I have that was my FAVORITE for so long, but I am gonna let it go. It's time to move on. lol. past the skirt.(cry cry)
I can't wait to get the room cleaned and re-organized. And we are giving some things away that are cluttering up our space. So, someone should be expecting a surprise. eh, i think that i am going to go take a mini-nap i think tristia is going to be over in a little bit and i only slept 3 hours this morning. it is going to be a long day and i need to get it started sooner than later.
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