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its hot outside!!

"Memories from far back in your past could resurface, dear Capricorn. You might wonder why you're suddenly thinking about them, but they probably represent a release of old emotional hang-ups that have been holding you back in some way. By mid-afternoon you should be feeling more focused, more determined, and ready to take on just about anything. This is definitely a great day to start new projects, or complete old ones. Go to it!"
What an interesting horoscope. Today has really been a day for old feelings/memories. I have put a lot of things away that have been trying to come back up. I just can't deal with a lot of my old hangups. I just have to let it all GO! Also gonna help tris clean her room tonight and then we are going to clean mine tonight/tomorrow.
woah, last night was so much fun. There weren't that many people there but still it was totally awesome. I drank myself silly and flirted with all the boyz, and some of the girls. LOL. I love drag kings. OMG, CJ was stripping and it was so hot. I hope he had as much fun doing it as we had watching him. I think that they made a decent amount of money, too. I fell on the stage, in front of all 10 audience people. It was amusing. There were lots of laughs and great times. We took 2 camera's and used both of them. I had a lot of fun dancing with everyone, david, adam, tris, Everyone. it was awesome times. thanks to everyone who came out. it was awesome!!!

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