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YAY for school

School starts on Tuesday. I am sort of excited. Only taking 2 classes, its all i really want and all that I really need. So, why over do myself, you know. And I need to work and I need free time.
Tristia had problems with MCC today. Damn, those people. GRR! its sad to see her so upset and know there is nothing that I could do.
Sara almost got fired from GM today b/c yesterday her hand got sucked into the machine. They tried to tell her that it was her fault that it did that. Come to find out that the machine had done the same thing to someone the day before and maintenance hadn't fixed it properly, just quick fixed. Well, so she has like no skin on 2 fingers and they are fractured. Yuck. I am glad I am too girly for that sort of job. I'd kill someone.
Work has been really insane. I have totally busted my ass the last 2 days. I have been in one of those moods totally just do everything. So i have cleaned and cleaned and I am so exhausted. Tomorrow I get to work with one of the transfer people. thats gonna be hard. ugh
speaking of clean, my room is officially MINE! there is a floor, and it is somewhat billi-ized. It resembles somewhat how i want to express me. lol. Its nice to have my own (clean) space.
eh, i have to go to sleep now. i gotta get up early and go to Mott with Tristia, YET AGAIN. feels like home..
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