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I think that the computer was infected for a while. Today i woke up and its perfect though. So i am happy again. LOL. There has been 5 million things going on with me. First of all I have worked like every day. I have today and tomorrow off though. So i get to go to the Renaissance Festival with my woman tomorrow. I am really excited to have a day together where neither of us has to work or anything. Just us time! YAY! and my brother will start staying at the apartment as of tonight. My mother is going to be here Monday, as well. She has to go to court up here. Her and her 10 siblings all have to go to court on behalf of my grandfather to get him taken out of a nursing home and get divorced from Ruth. So, yea, thats gonna be lots of family drama in the next few days. School starts tuesday and i think i have everything set up how i wanted it to be. My schedule is cool. I found out that our store got bought out by some guy. He bought all the speedways that closed this week. The DD side gets taken out on the 15th. That's gonna be weird. Customers are going to hate us. I worked 3rd all weekend and didnt get to hang out with anyone. Roxanne and i got into a sort of arguement/fight whatever. About her continuing to say we should be together. How many times do i have to tell her that i just cant?! and its hard and it really hurts me to hurt her because i went thru that when i wanted her so bad. but i cant constantly be reminded of what i could have had or whatever u know. i just need to adjust and be happy, and she should do the same. BTW, she has a show at Pesto's in Grand Blanc Sep 26th, i think. She and Emily are gonna be singing/guitar playing. Tickets are $5 before or at the door. Yea, and she is gonna sing 'Stay'. I will be sad. I am really tired right now. Tris called me on her way in to work and so i just figured i should wake up and do something productive.. because the internet is productive. right. LMAO! i am so weird sometimes. I have a really painful hickey. and i want it to stop being sore. its not a good feeling at all. *mad face* hehe.
I am pissed off at the state of Michigan. I read in the Detroit paper that gay marriage is going to be on the Nov 2 ballot here. I can't believe that the Journal didnt even write anything about it! Anyway, i have dredged out my inner extroverted activist and I have a plan. I have talked to almost every regular customer at work and told them why it's important to vote against this amendment. I am composing letters to all of my family and friends to tell them why they should vote against it. To explain to them why it's important to me and thousands of other people that discrimination not be legalized. Someone that i think is special told me last night 'I would do anything for you but I won't let you get married'. That hurt. made me cry. and i refuse to talk to this person. It's unfair that people think like that. "You are a great gal but you can't have the same rights as me". That's how it felt. So, i think a whole lot of ruckus is gonna come up when I mail all my letters out. Handwritten, of course, be more personal. Maybe i can appeal to some people. I hope i get thru to some of the people that i care about, and maybe they will care about me and my future too. Dammit, i want to get married someday. LEGALLY!

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