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today is the first day of my 4th year of college. Damn, I thought I would be a lot farther along than I am. Heh, somehow i will catch myself up, I think. I have this funny math teacher and its his first time teaching at Mott. He gave us his home number, lol. You can tell he is new. To make his first day even worse.. lol.. guess what he did? Wrote on the dry erase board with a PERMANENT marker!! lol, and he didn't notice until he went to erase.. and it just smeared a little. It was amusing to me. So, I got to work problems on the board because no one would volunteer and I hate it when everyone just sits there like they don't know how to add. We started with some simple problems. Example 8+(7-2)=? omg, talk about NOT hard. I did some algebraic fraction problems. Eh, I don't mind being in front of the class. I am going to be running the popcorn machine in like 30 minutes. UGH, cause I am looking forward to it. Actually, I am exhausted and sort of wish that someone else wanted to help me. But I will be doing it alone, except like 30 minutes when Tristia will be helping between her classes. Then I get to work tonight til 11pm. Hopefully I will be able to get some better sleep tonight. I kept waking up last night. grr.. I have to come straight home from work and go to sleep so i will be able to get back up and go to class tomorrow. It's gonna suck having morning classes when I work later days.
Mom got in lastnight. So tris and I went and visited her after the Renaissance Festival. We had a lot of fun. We saw the Ded Bob show and its a ventriloquist show. When people were getting seated he was in the back doing a welcome speech. He says' bla bla bla everyone welcome regardless of age, sex, race, all that stuff you know, and even gays and lesbians. we'll let you in even tho the U.S. don't let you in.' I was laughing. You know because we don't allow samesex married couples in as queers, they have to come in singley. It was fun times. It was hot but I really enjoyed myself, and the fun time with Tristia. We hung with mom and Aunt Sissy for a few hours then we all went to WalMart. Which was an adventure b/c my mom wanted to shop and I wasn't in a shoppy mood. imagine that, i know.
eh, so I am gonna go do stuff, and I will catch up some more at a later time.

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