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More reasons to Quit my job

Well, I have another reason why I hate speedway. Well, the girl that was new that I liked quit after working with me the first day. (this is the 2nd time someone has quit after working with me LOL.. i wonder why) Well, that left 2nd shift open.. and no one thought to schedule anyone to work with me.. so Annette got out at 7pm. Pam told me that she would be back to help me finish bagels, donuts, trash, etc ... Well, come 9:30pm still no one to help me. I called Pam.. 'I FORGOT'. Oh my! how do you forget to go to work, honestly?! Especially knowing that I am working the busy shift ALONE! It was crazy, I wanted to cry. So, I called old Nancy in early so she could run register while I finished all my shift duties. Thankfully, she came in without bitching about it. I was really tired when I got home. I ate some dinner and did my homework. Then off to bed after midnight. grr.. I told Dee to make sure I was up before she left for I was up before her. She was late to work. I came to school, fell asleep in math class. SURPRISE! at least we were only doing integers and the difference in prime/composite numbers. Lisa M is in the class with me. She didn't try to sit with me, which sort of made me happy, because she talks a lot and I like to pay attention. but we did talk and I gave her my notes from yesterday since she didn't come. I have my first day of political science today. woohoo! hopefully this professor will be better than the one i had last year. i hated him. Maybe I can nap today before I go to work. It really sucks working til 11 when I can't sleep in the next morning. My only sleep in days will be saturday and sunday.. depending on what i work.
I have Friday and Saturday off. So, we should get together and do something fun people. I can't have a party b/c Dee has to work all 2nds and she will be tired she said.. aight.. i'm out

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