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ok, so i went with the money that my mother gave me and bought some clothes today, made me smile. I had to shop alone, which i do not enjoy. mom didnt want to go and my friends were all preoccupied and i dont like to shop for myself with tristia. so yea, i went to old navy and got some cute clothes. the annoyance.. when i went there last week there was this shirt on the $5 table and i was like, i want it, even tho the tag said $12. I go to the counter and the shirt was $10 but i bought it anyway. Today, the shirt was tagged $4.99!! i was NOT happy. damn that, i almost rebought the shirt. lol. they also had it in another color. anywho. i like my clothes. i havent been able to sleep lately.. AGAIN! So class is killing me, having to get out of bed when it seems like i never fell asleep. spent the day chillin w/mom after shopping.
yesterday she found this apartment that she thinks would be good for me. So, she called the lady so i could go look at it today.. well, the lady left like 30 minutes before i got there. but hopefully one day soon I will be able to go look it over. It's for one person only. SO, I can't have anyone move in with me. That's okay though. I don't really need anyone to stay with me. Tris can still stay her usual. She's usually only with me 3 nights a week, depending on our schedules. And Gary can't live with me either. so its all weird, but it's gonna be true independence baby! for the low price of $400 with bills. So, my only over cost would be my phone/cable/optional things. YAY! i can SO afford that.
i at Sissy's visiting. So i should prolly go now. xoxo

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