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emotions running high..

"Old emotions could come welling up from the unconscious today, dear Capricorn, and your nerves could be on edge for most of the day. You might even find yourself losing your temper on occasion. You need to stop and take a look at why you're upset. Consider what's coming up from the past, and then release it. You may be amazed at how quickly you return to normal. Then you might actually be able to get some work done!"
As if the first part of yesterday wasn't bad enough.. the day only got worse. I swear it was horrible. I cried all freakin day long. After school, I had to take my brother all over Genesee county b/c he got a flat tire and had to go get a new one.. then precious took him to go fix it. I laid down for like 20 minutes w/tristia then got up, called my friend who was mad yesterday. She and I talked, we are okay, I am still just upset by the whole thing. It's like Roxanne and I broke up all over again or something. I feel really lost/hurt/confused. I just can't seem to get a grip on what the hell is happening with me. I failed.. again.. why can't i keep anything together? so, I went back to sleep after the convo w/my friend. And tris went to class again. I started my period, that just added to the emotional billi. I go to work at 3pm, and guess what?! I am only working 24 hours this week!! I started crying all over again, how am i supposed to live off of that? This is so bullshit. My ex- best friend keeps calling me thinkin we are cool. WE AREN'T! I am not happy with her talking shit about me. I confronted her, and she admitted telling all that stuff. She said she thought it was okay. Why the fuck would you think that it is okay to tell my personal business to other people.. and add a few lil details of your own? NOT FAIR! so grr. long night at work and then went home. planned out some GSA stuff. I am running for vice-pres this term. Dee doesnt qualify because of not taking enough MCC credits.. position open, my running. I am a valued asset to this group anyway. Also, student gov't starts this friday. YAY! I am the parliamentarian, I feel so special. I just have a million things going on right now. when I left for school this morning I was about 10 minutes behind my usual schedule.. to make it better, I headed towards work. I got to Ballenger and was like WTF am i doing?! turned around, went to court street. Got to school at like 8:50.. didnt get a place to park til 9:05am. LATE TO CLASS! then he only kept us til 9:30. why do i even bother. I am ahead of my work. I did homework at Tris house the other night b/c he said we were doing that section.. we just went over that section today. So i have 2 days of work ahead of him. minus the review for test. but i have poli sci today and i like that class. Like 10/40 in my class support gay marriage.. we voted.. and it was interesting. the 2 chics that sit nearest to me support it, i think at least one of them is homo. The guy to my right is so phobic i wanna vomit. he kept makin comments when we were talkin about it and he thru my pen at me that i had borrowed him. heh. hoping that today is better than yesterday.
PARTY SATURDAY AT MY HOUSE!! please attend. i could use the fun times with you guys. xoxoxo

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