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wasting tim

just wasting another 5 minutes before i have to go to meet up with tristia. i dont know why i go to math every morning. he never keeps us the full time, its a waste to wake up and come for only like 20 minutes. grrs..
work is out of control. OMG, we dont do Dunkin anymore. so people are angry. the speedway across the street finally closed, so we have all their customers PLUS all of there cig products. me and Sara B spent most of the evening just trying to put stuff away and wait on people. I havent been that busy in a LONG time. so grr. and chris wouldn't come in to help me and said that he isnt workin his weekend shifts (3rd) either. blah. I wont work them either. so sad, too bad. i dont want to go to work tonight. i dont want to have to deal with that mess of remodeling etc. it will be a disaster. i will cry.
tris made me eggs and waffles for breakfast this morning. happy times. i dont know why i felt like eggs, i dont even like them.. weird. its cool stayin at her house, except her room is REALLY dark when the lights go out. all you see are th glowy stars and the projector clock. lol.
life is good again.
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