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new home?

Things move rather fast in my life, don't they?
So, one day I was thinking about moving out alone, and now TADA instant love connection. hehe. Yesterday, Tristia and her mother were going to look at this modular home in Creekwood, off Bristol Road. So I tagged along. Much to my dismay.. I LOVED the home. It has 3 bedrooms, a large kitchen, good size bathrooms, and a large yard. There are no homes near it (read: more parking). I tried not to be too excited because I am a pessimist and shit always sucks. We went back to their house and we talked about it, if we could afford it and decided to go put in an application. I put me first because I make more money and it was more reasonable. Well... 3 hours later I get the call. DENIED! When I was 18 I co-signed for Megan an apartment and 1 month later she left the state. SO, it comes back on me and it doesnt even show on her credit report. I can never have a place in my name unless I get it fixed. I called megan and she told me to go to Sunset Plaza and see what I can do to get it in her name and get things so I can live again. grr.. I am hoping they can make me some sort of deal so that I can get out of that stupid lease that was hers!! GRR!! It made me sad, It made tristia sad. We really like this house. Gary is gonna live with us, too. So, it will be cheaper and work way better. He will pay us too! YAY! we already made an agreement as to how we are gonna do payments. Yea, life is life is life. I will go now.. bank time and stuff.
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