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the credit bureau called me. they said they won't take any payments lower than what they are suggesting, which is the $500 rent basically. and whatever. There is nothing that I can do. Creekwood said that if I can get it off my credit OR get a letter from Sunset Plaza saying I am not responsible, then we can move in. So, there went the credit option. I just have to do something so that Sunset will give me a letter making me not responsible. It seems like the fucking credit people would be happy to recieve some money. BUT NO! they have to be picky. and get this, If I don't appear on my court date, my wages get garnished! no way, take away the little bit of money that I do have. I hate myself sometimes. Why was I young and stupid! Do these people realize I am only 21, I don't make $2000 a month and I can't fucking pay you what you want. I just want a nice place to live that is my own, that I can pay for. I want to stop living with my friends and live with the girl that I love and be happy. I don't understand why this is so hard!! I don't know what I can do to push this through any better. This is enough to make me mad at Megan all over again. Someone suggested that I sue her for it. OK, what would I get? Her Navy sign-on bonus? I mean really, I won't get that much..and the collection agency won't get much out of me! My hands are tied, I have let Tristia down. I really wanted to get this worked out for us.
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