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5 months

Today makes 5 wonderful months with Tristia. Can anyone believe that we made it this far? LOL It amazes me sometimes. The other night Adam was telling me how glad he was to see me so happy. That he hadn't saw me smile like this in a long time. He made me happy. i really can't imagine not being with her right now. Things just seem so right.
I guess there isn't too much that we can do about the house situation. I am thinking about going to M.O.P. tomorrow maybe or calling them. But I have mostly given up the hopes that I can lease anything in my name. Fuckers!
Today we are doing RE-elections for Gay Straight Alliance officers. I am running for president again. woohoo! This guy Cory that we know is also running.. whomever doesnt get pres will be vice. So, that's mucho exciting. There are a few kinks that we all need to get worked out. Officers meeting today before the actual meeting so that we can talk about this stuff. I am excited to have another year with the GSA to do stuff,and make the group as effective as it can be. We just have to get organized and on the ball with things being accomplished.
I have to go to poli sci now, if i dont get there early, i have to sit on the floor. EEK!
xoxo *B
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