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YAY for me

When Tristia picked me up at school yesterday, she had 5 roses for me. How adorable.. All different colors. I am spoiled rotten I swear. We went out to eat but I could barely eat.. in case i forgot to mention, I got a 2nd piercing in my tongue. So, that was fun. Then to Halloween USA and to MCC again. We voted, i won by 1 vote, now that is close. Its cool though. I am excited about the new school year. Kory is the new vicepresident and Brian stayed as secretary, tristia being treasurer. Precious is gonna be our representative. WOOHOO! it was the most effective meeting we have had in a while I think. A lot got accomplished. I saw some new faces and that is ALWAYS a plus. It seems like everyone has some opinions on things to do and everyone wants to participate for a change. That pleases me that people plan to be more active this year. I didn't like how everyone seemed to have an attitude at the meeting though. We all have different ideas and should respect that fact. Not give mean looks and cut eachother off if you think your plan of action is better. I hope we as a group can be better at communication and respecting eachother. It was a good day in all.
I freakin worked til 11 which was BULLSHIT!! I told sandra i would come in after the GSA if and ONLY if i was out at 10 b/c i have school in the morning.. She told me ok, I get there, guess what?! She never changed it or talked to Sara B to see if she would do the 3-11 part. I got stuck there, Sara felt bad b/c she didnt even know about it. and sandra was mad b/c i was being a bitch about everything. GRR! Pam probably quit today. that scares me. I dont want to do all 3rds and i may have to if she really did. she told me she was gonna turn in her keys b/c sandra keeps makin her work 3rd. See, Nancy's foot didnt get better b/c speedway made her come back to work right after it happened. Now she has to have surgery and is out til Nov 15. No one wants to do 3rd, i do sometimes but its hard with school and my activities.
anyway, does anyone know what i am supposed to be doing sunday? i wrote i needed to be out of work by 5, for something, but i have NO IDEA what it was i was planning on doing. i think it's something LGBT related, but i am not sure.. let me know if u know what is happening.
get to have romance time with tristia today. excited. i went to stay at her house last night. OMG, she left me outside for 20 minutes b4 she finally answered the door.. she kept callin my phone and i was like ' i am outside let me in'. GRR damn phone!

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