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amazing day

Yesterday was the most amazing day that I have had in a REALLY long time. After we went to our classes, Tristia took me to a picnic at this pond/park thing. I wanna say its called Kelly something. It was super adorable and we had fun til the cops showed up.. Then we went back to school. She had another class.. I did some GSA stuff. Afterwards we went to Frankenmuth. I haven't been there in a really long time and it was my idea to go have a cuteness day. We had the best fun.
story times:
We were sittin on the bench and she dropped her phone. She bent down to get it from between the wood. To do this, she had to lean over onto my 'bosoms'. LOL. Perfect timing. This old guy walks by and says ' Are you guys having fun'? We couldn't stop laughing. It was HALARIOUS! to make it a little worse. We were in the Leather store and she was lookin at belts and i said 'what? are you gonna beat me with that'. A guy walked right up behind her in time to hear her say ' yea, I'm gonna beat you with it'. LOL He was like WTF. It was great times. We got coffee drinks from the coffee break place but it wasn't fabulous. It tasted beany. if that makes sense. then we went to eat at Lui's Buffet here on Ballenger. It was good. I am still having problems eating but I will be alright soon I hope. I stayed at her house again. Something amazing happened. something WOW! I can't even explain it but it made us both really happy..
Anyway, megs has to pay off all of her debt before she goes to bootcamp. SO, this may mean that Sunset Plaza gets paid off and I have good credit again. Wouldn't that be super? Also, mom said she can give me some money to get it off my credit IF AND ONLY IF they will agree to take it off my credit. So, I need to see how much they want to get it off of me. grr.. nice mom nice.
Life is amazing. I am about to go to Leadership Training in the RTC so I will have to update some time later this weekend. I gots to work 3rds.. blah. See everyone latah.

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