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happy land

I feel really good today. Sort of weird because I wasn't in the best of moods when I went to sleep. I slept almost all weekend except the hours that I was at work. The leadership thing on Friday was okay. It wasn't spectacular. I didn't enjoy it as much as I did last year at Base Camp but it was fine. I walked on a wire! woohoo! I wasn't scared, that impressed me. Just a harness holding me by a rope and away I went. Last night I stayed at Tristia's. We just did homework and chilled out basically. OMG, a few days ago she and I had saw this couch that we liked at a rummage sale.. her mother bought the couch for her/us on Saturday! how nice was that. AND her parents got us a happy anniversary card. how cuteness is that?! its so weird how accepting they are right now. I like it, though. We are all begining to like eachother more I guess. I have gotten in a bad habit of NOT going to my math class and I need to stop it. I missed a quiz last week. and you can't make quizzes up. grr
I feel like sense school started I haven't been very available like I was over summer. I haven't hung out with much of anyone except tristia and dee. I miss everyone terribly. I am going to the bar on Friday for Man of the Month so I hope to see lots of you there. Also on Thursday I am attending this panel at UM-Flint. It seems like there is something going on this weekend too. I want to go to the awards thing that CJ posted about but it all depends on work. :( I wish I had a day job so I never had to do evenings/nights. That blows. Tristia and I are planning on going to Harpo's in November to see her friend Marshall's band play. That will be fun times, I think. If anyone wants tickets they are $15 and we can hook you up. lol. Its metal music I believe.. i'm not too sure though, because I haven't heard/seen them play.
Gotta get GSA stuff done. I am hoping to have all of our paperwork turned in by Friday. So, I need to get with my exec. committee and make some decisions about our budget and things like that. We have to get this year started. I have student government exec meeting tomorrow so we can decide stuff that we need to do, too. all this stuff going on. I feel so involved. I am hungry and maybe I should go get something to eat before i go to political science. Otherwise I will be starving when i have to sit there for 2 hours.
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