BILLI (billinaction) wrote,


that is an ashley peacock song.. haha.. roxanne would be proud.. So i started this today as i sign of my new self. and i am a big girl and no more dwelling on roxanne and all that other stuff associated. today is about being happy, enjoying my life/friends/work and accepting thing.
I always say 'dont complain about the things you can not change'. I cant change being apart from Roxanne, so im going to accept it like the mature adult i am. there is no reason to wonder on and on about what if and maybe this or that. i am in search of a new chica and a new life.
hopefully going to California for a few months will cheer me right up. I HOPE SO! i need to get away and have an adventure of my own while roxanne is out finding herself and having adventures. Maybe one day we will meet up again and be in love like old times.. probably not any time in the next while.. but maybe one day. i cant put life on hold waiting for it either. i have to MOVE ON MOVE UP! billi is a strong person. i hope you enjoy this first entry.. more to come later.
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