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Ok, there are a few things that i need help on or info about..
#1 I am looking for someone who can mix a in blend 2 songs together.. half of one, then half of another. If you can do this, or know someone who can.. TELL ME ASAP
#2 I was reading through the surveys the GSA did at the end of last year. and 2 things came clear. my members want more education on Transgender issues and Bisexual issues. SO, my question to my audience is, does anyone know resources, panels, something I can do to get the campus and members of the GSA more involved in these issues. I know about TGMI and plan on doing a panel with you guys/gals but I also want more about it. HOW CAN WE HELP YOU? (besides monetary donations and support) I don't have any idea what BI resources are out here, but I am looking.
#3 I want to attend Creating Change and I think I am going to ask CLEF (Mott) to pay for some of it. Can anyone give me a rough idea of what travel and hotel accomodations will cost?

The GSA has a lot of new faces this year. Our meetings are very structured and are working way better than I had ever hoped they would. I want to get a little more involved politically. Any suggestions on that?! The GSA wants to be super involved in things. We are doing the AIDS WALK and probably something for National Coming Out Day.
Still sick today but I feel a little better. I am barely breathing but that's alright. i have to freakin work tonight even tho I want to go to the panel at Good Beans. That made me ANGRY! I hate my job.
on to a exec board meeting. woohoo. BUDGET TIME
oh.. about the no sex thing.. lol.. i think my post had the power of persuasion

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