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umm yea

It took me barely 10 minutes to do my Math exam. blah.. its simple inequality stuff. Now i am gonna waste A LOT of time. Student Government isn't until 1pm, and thats a long way away. I thought about going home and going back to sleep for a few hours. I still might after i get some stuff done here.. hanging up fliers and updating GSA webpage. yippee skippy.
I keep talking in my sleep, its this bad problem that has arisen lately. I used to only talk when I was REALLY exhausted or on medication. Lastnight I woke up talking about student life and how i hate when there are people from administration running the student life office b/c they dont know me and act like i am crazy. tristia was actually talking back to me!! I was like Oh my gosh! why can't she just let me talk and then go back to sleep, because I wake up once she talks. Another thing, about 3am I woke her up talking again, I dont remember why but she was laughing at me and asked did i remember what i just said. I cant remember now, but apparently it was fun times. A few nights ago I dreamed my sister called me and I was talkin in my sleep about that. and I dreamed about donuts at the store. LOL! it has been an interesting week for me with sleep. I wont be getting much sleep tonight or really tomorrow. I am working til 10pm tonight, then to man of the month, work at 8am tomorrow, then Prism Awards.sunday AIDS WALK. The joys of being me.
I just found out that our PR person decided to step down. Is it wrong to be happy for this!!

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