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good hair day

Today my hair looks good. Probably because I stayed at home last night so I had my own hair supplies. I think if I am going to stay at Tristia's that much I should get duplicates of everything so I don't have to take my stuff every time. eh. We are gonna spend a little time apart the next few days. She has a lot of things to get done and I am going to hang out with my buddies. Her mother thinks she needs to get her priorities straight and I don't want to be something/someone that is holding her back. We do spend a lot of time together but also we get a lot of thing accomplished. The only thing she slacks on is cleaning her room basically. She does everything else she has to.. work, school, me, family time. She doesnt get much family time, though, because everyone is on a different schedule at her house. Anyway, tris can do her homework and sort through clothes without me interrupting this weekend. Eh.
So, UPS left a package outside of my house that I was supposed to pick up there. Also, this package required MY SIGNATURE. No one was home so there was no one to sign for it. I went to UPS today to see why this happened and the manager said he would talk to the driver because there was no excuse. yea, i am upset because what if someone had taken it, i live in an apartment building! and who the fuck signed for this?! I am NOT okay with it at all. growls.
My father called me yesterday.. after like a year. Just to find out what was going on with my brother. OMG, he never calls to see if I am alive, but he will call to see what Gary is into. that pissed me off, too. NOT FAIR! NOT COOL! About Gary, he isnt staying with us anymore. I have no idea where he is, probably living out of his car. No one in my family hears from him. So, I am really worried about him and where he is/what is happening.
Really excited about this rally/protest next week. It's gonna be awesome. I can't believe that UMF is actually letting this go this far. How insane! Students should not be allowed to show 'ex-gay' testimony and talk about how you can become straight. Should we, the LBGTQ polulation, hold a workshop on how you can become queer? That wouldn't fly too well, now would it?!! Sometimes I just want to scream at people.

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