BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

worst day

Today is the worst day ever! i didnt want to wake up, big surprise. I am totally PMS'D out! then I call the lady that I owe $4800 and she is like 'we wont accept $2000. We want at least 60% of what you owe us' I was so pissed. I am like, I will not pay more than megan for this. I REFUSE to pay all of this debt off for her. 'I understand, ma'm, but I can tell you that we can't help you get this off your credit without at least 60%. We are more likely to sue you and get the $$ because it's easier than going after her since she is out of state'. OMG, I was like 'whatever. she gets to live with her parents, she has no bills, I need a place to live and this is fucking me up'. SUDDENLY, 'with, say, 70% then we could clear all of this up'. I just want to scream at her to SUCK MY PLASTIC DICK! but instead, have a nice day bye. She is trying to fuck me over for everything that she can because she knows i need to clear this up. I want to move by the end of the month. This isnt going to happen unless I find a private renter. No complex or anyone who does a credit check will let me get my name on anything. Tristia's parents dont want her to put her name on anything because of insurance purposes. WHATEVER! GM only knows what you tell them. but anyway, thats another issue. I dont want to get anything solely in either name. I want it to be joint, so that its more fair and no one has that power to make the other leave, you know. but ahh... so i was late to school dealing with that bullshit
get to school and for whatever reason the stupid paid parking says full, but its not full. GRR! and i start crying b/c there is nowhere to park and I AM LATE! i get to class 20 minutes to the end.. take a quiz that i know i failed and come to play online.. Travis is sitting with me. He is fun times, makes me smile. He played a mean joke on tristia yesterday and she screamed at him. AHH! CRAZY! I am glad that she and I are seeing eachother again, it makes me happy. I have 200 million things to do tonight/tomorrow. NONSTOP days for me. everyone, make a poster for the protest!!! can't wait to see you all there.
It's National Coming Out Day
and I am proud!
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