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PLEASE when dealing with something that is important to me or pertaining to me, inform me of your decisions. Someone took things that were meant for me because they thought it was okay. it's not okay. I am having a very stressed out day and I dont want to be panicking. Tristia left me something and when I went to get it, it was gone. Of course, I am blaming the school, everyone in the office. NO ONE left a note saying 'hey i took this to finish' or 'i have it and will give it to you later'. These items are things that I need that I was expecting to have and then I was freaking out. I wait for a staff member to describe a person and then I have to call everyone I know that fits the discription. OMG, DO NOT take things without leaving a note or something. Call and leave me a freakin message. This was not kosher at all. GRR! consider other people. Don't assume it's okay to take something unless I have told you that it is okay.
So, I talked to Lisa at speedway and she said No problem giving me hours. I called Sandra at my store and she didn't sound very excited about this. I also talked to Bill, our DM and he said its cool as long as I am still working some hours at the Flushing store. WOOHOO! so, I will be on Bristol Road at the Speedway past Angelos.. by 75. WOOT WOOT! Go me for being productive. Now, tris and I can start looking for a place to together at. If only I can live thru this day.
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