BILLI (billinaction) wrote,


Ok, it is raining here in Flint. ugh. I went straight home and to bed last night after work. It was awesome to sleep, I have not been gettin enough sleep. even tho it was only 7 hours, it was something. I had a math test today, and I think that I did well on it. YAY for BILLI!! I redirected tristia's package so that we pick it up Monday. Maybe this time UPS won't mess up. I just get annoyed with people who can't follow directions.
Megan will be here the 26th. yea, she is going to see Dustin over someplace like 3 hours from me. So, she will come stay a few days with me. I am really excited for this. YIPPEE SKIPPY!! That is really cool. Hopefully I can get some days off work. I gotta go get something to eat before student gov't and work.i don't know what i want. another long weekend of work. but i have sunday off. aight.
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