BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

Be Sweet to a Stranger

My friend goosestep_lion  posted this and I'm posting it for you. Let me know if you are interested and I'll get you the address:

Hey guys... My dad has been doing tests and scans for the last two days and it is decided that he will have surgery next week (Feb 2nd) to remove the section of bowel where the tumor is located. His heart scans, stress tests, ect, have gone well and he was cleared for the surgery..

So I have one small favor to ask.. Would anyone be interested in sending out some get well cards to him? I think it would really make him smile and give him some encouragement. ='] So if you are interested just post here and I will note you his addy... If you know anyone else who might want to send them please just pass the word along... A lot of times my dad doesn't feel important or like anyone cares... so I'm hoping that cards might help him have the will and attitude to recover properly from his surgery.
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