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I had a long weekend. I worked then went to tris house to sleep for 5 hours. then she had to work so i went home. then i worked I pulled a muscle in my back and it's still killing me.she came over on saturday(sweetest day). We bathed and slept. Nothing exciting. Sunday, I slept til noon, she left at 8am. I had Gary come help me to laundry, then I did some shopping. OMG, Victoria's Secret has a special of 7 items for $35 and you get a free shampoo. YIPPEE! I spent too much money. Anyway, we hung out and then he went home, i did some homework.
Today I find out if Tristia and her mom are approved to move into Charter Oaks. Isn't that SO exciting?! It will be nice to know what is going to happen. Dee was asking me last night what was going on with me moving, and I have no answer. I mean, I really don't know. I am hanging in the balance just as much as she is. So, knowing will be good. Blue Moon has some awesome celtic stuff and so Tristia and I are going to do our bedroom in Celtic/Midieval stuff! but the swords are not going in there. :)
Also today, I start my job at the other Speedway. I am excited kind of. I don't know the people there. It is always weird working with new people. I hope the store runs like mine. I hate gettin used to other systems, especially if they aren't as advanced as ours are. Eh, I will be aight.
Then I am going to go stay the night at Tristia's house. This time maybe we can actually have some time together. We spent all of our weekend time sleeping.
So, at student gov't on Friday this girl wore this shirt that really pissed me off. Not just because she had the shirt, but because she wore it to student gov't. We are told repeatedly to represent ourselves in a respectful/respectable and professional way. I was offended by her wearing it. It made her as a student senator look bad and it reflected on the group she was representing. On the front of her shirt it said STRAIGHT PRIDE and on the back it had an arrow that said ONE WAY and was pointing to a man and woman. OK, I understand that we all have different views and I can handle that. BUT I dont wear my gay pride clothes to meetings and I definitely wouldn't wear it on a day my group was having me do a presentation. The rest of her group had on the group shirts, but she had that on. She has no idea that there were at least 5 gay people in the room with her right then. She knows that I am queer and that the president of student gov't is a bisexual man. I had no idea that she felt like that. I wonder where she got the shirt from! I thought about that all weekend. I sent an email to the rest of our Exec Board asking them if we could approach her on this and how she represented herself. I mean, will she wear something like that to meetings with faculty? How are student supposed to approach her about their concerns if she seems SO unapproachable?! grr.. it makes me wanna get all rainbowy and try to make friends with her. BUT NO! i have a position to hold and I can't approach her unless the board thinks what she did was wrong. Also, she didnt participate in the meeting. She never voted for anything we were voting on. She was talking through the whole meeting. eh, we will see what happens.
Now I have to go to Political Science and not try to kill the guy beside me, who hates me 'because I am a homosexual'. OMG, I wanna kill people sometimes. I hate when we get into the gay talk in that class. He just found out I was queer at the last class, so now i have to deal with that. Only one other chic in class knew about me before this, and she was like woah, just waiting for me to snap on him and his opinions. How can I think what I do is normal, how does he explain that do his kids? blah blah. gonna shoot him. I gave him a GSA card, and he said ' I dont interact with homosexuals'. I HATE THAT WORD! ah.

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