BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

Making new friends

I posted an entry on the adding friends LJ spotlight group and as most of my posts are friends only, I need to write something interesting and temporarily public so that people will want to add me as their friend. haha. Doesn't that sound cheesy?

I suppose this will be a re-intro post. I'm sure some of my old friends could use an update on me, too, right? Speak up if I leave anything out that you think is very interesting about me.

I'm currently living in Philadelphia, PA with previous homes in Alabama, Michigan, North Carolina and Minnesota. I like to move around every few years. My lovely husband has been trecking along with me for the last few years. I am a Sociology student with a passion for homelessness and prison rehabilitation. I've also fancied a legal studies/paralegal degree. I think I'll pass on that for now, though.

My husband is 7 yrs older than me and he is a female-to-male transgender person. We met before he had started his physical transition but he was already going by his male name and dressing male, etc. It's been a fun road, not a very bumpy one, and we are both very happy with the person that he is - physically and emotionally. Before we were together, I identified as a lesbian and I still do most days of the week. We were married in NH last year in a small ceremony with just his relatives. This year we are having a much larger ceremony on our anniversary, My family and our mutual friends will all be in attendance.

I currently work for a church doing social service work. I am not a religious person and I'm lucky that my job doesn't require that I share beliefs, just that I respect their beliefs. I work mainly with homeless folks and youth service groups. It's interesting work but it gets emotional sometimes and other times it's boring.

Cole and I are trying to get me pregnant via donor sperm and I do write about this privately. If you'd like to be included in these filtered posts, let me know. Also, if you'd like to not read about that, let me know. We've been trying for almost a year and it has been a crazy adventure.

Loyal readers, did I miss anything interesting? Or is there anything that potential newbies would like to know about me?

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