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fun survey things

Fiery. Hungry. Blatant. Sexual. Christ. You are Half-Cocked.

There's a lot of wild lust inside you, banging around, that much is obvious. There's also a lot of untamed emotion. When either escapes, look out. One minute you're completely together, the next you're a howling gale of hormones and opinions.
Outside relationships, your intense, mercurial personality makes you a charmer. You can be fiercely devoted, and it's likely that many of your friends will be friends-for-life. Of course, your enemies are likewise certain and zealous, especially your exes and their therapists
You will find the right person. In the short term, she's someone virile who won't sweat your imperfections. In the long term, she will be someone mature and caring who will grow to love them.

eh, so is life.. went to meijer with the gals.. it was fun.. now hangin with kyle, precious, and dee. met cory .. officially.. weird how you know ppl that you havent been introduced too.. interesting.
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