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We got approved for that apartment. move in date nov 13th. woohoo. there were some complications with them puttin us in the handicap building and so we had to tell them that wasnt what we had wanted. we wanted the bar style just like roxanne and i used to have. its more open. and so after a bunch of bullshit we got what we wanted but cant move in until later, which is OKAY wiht us.
umm..lots of things coming up in the next few weeks. megan will be here Tuesday and I have a MILLION things going on that day. I am excited for her to be here, though. It will be fun for her to meet everyone and see what I really do with all of my time.. or lack there of. She is going to see the side of me she hasnt ever and thats fun. Megs is excited to get to participate in the things I am doing.
i love the new store i am at.. and sandra keeps overworkin me in Flushing, so i dont get to work so much on Bristol road. GRRR's.
Tris is going away for the weekend.. to hunt. If anyone wants to see me, now is your big chance. lol. no girlfriend for 3 whole days. granted i work every day, but i can make some time for you. *winks*
today is our 6 month anniversary. can u believe it? half a year already. and we didnt break any of her relationship rules before gettin to this point. hah. She came up to school and brought me roses. Cuteness. She is adorable and wore my favorite shirt. *smiley* I heart her.
Jen, roxanne's girl, is the NUDE model for MCC art class. OMG, I would throw up if I had to look at her naked for 3 hours! Maybe its her genderbending side. I can see the people drawing her being like WOAH! chic, no hair, small tits, very confusing to many. I cant believe roxy is okay with her gettin naked in front of everyone here. I dont think she would like something like that.. she is a little possessive at times.
aight. gotta do stuff before student gov't.

2 hours later..
I just wanted to add some insight into something I have been noticing.
Lately I have seen many women doing traditionally men jobs and I am happy. I was watching this PBS special the other night about gender roles and how things are changing. How women make at least a quarter less than men make doing the same jobs and we arent pushed to advancement or encouraged as much as a male coworker would be.. The whole glass ceiling thing. You can only get so high, then nothing. Well, I have seen many women construction workers. I know most of you are thinking, big scary dykes with hard hats. No, not really. I have seen a variety of types of women.. long hair, short hair, more girly appearance, and butches too. This chic at the new store wants to major in engineering and minor in autobody. ok, how normal is that? I only know of 2 women who have considered doing automotive things for a career choice.. (weird I dated both of them)I think its really awesome how women are making their way into all fields, not just the traditional nurse and secretary type of thing. I mean, I am more of a feminine job type of gal, but not everyone is. On this tv special, they were talking about men doing female jobs, too. nurses that are men are often percieved as doctors just because they are men. why? that makes no sense. Men have harder times being nurses also because women patients dont trust them to do certain things, and ask them to leave and get a female. understandable i think. I am really weirded out by men any where near the VAGINA. i am comfortable asking for a female for those sorts of things. Just some thoughts on gender things

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