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15 Years Ago (1996), :
1. I was 13 and dealing with my parents separating
2. I had to transfer to a school that was very click-y and I had a hard time making friends
3. This was the beginning of my dad and I hating one another

10 Years Ago (2001), :
1. I was graduating high school!! 
2. I came out as a lesbian once I moved north for college.
3. I kissed a girl for the first time! 

5 Years Ago (2006), :
1. I broke up with my wife. 
2. I moved 3 times that year.
3. My mom and dad finally got legally divorced!

3 Years Ago (2008), :
1. Cole and I were (finally) finding romance together.
2. I was working ALL the time.
3. My life in MN was awesome.

1 Year Ago (2010), :
1. I got married to Cole
2. We began our TTC (trying to conceive) journey
3. My family was struggling with my step dads cancer and terminal diagnosis.

Yesterday, :
1. I got a negative pregnancy test.
2. I had a great dinner with my church family.
3. I didn't sleep well.

Today, :
1. I ate toast for breakfast
2. I will get a lot of work done - hopefully.
3. I will make panko chicken and cous cous for dinner.

Tomorrow, :
1. I am going to attend the weekly staff meeting.
2. I will finish the wedding invitations to mail this weekend.
3. I will go to the gym.

In a week,:
1. I will be super stressed because of the increase in my work load.
2. I should be registered for the right courses for fall semester.
3. My bank account won't be empty!

In one month (July 2011),:
1. I will have one month until the big wedding!
2. Hopefully my wedding dress will be altered and I won't need another fitting.
3. I will have lost a few pounds.

In one year (June 2012),:
1. I will be a parent, damn it!
2. I will have completed my Sociology degree
3. We will be more financially secure.

In five years (June 2016),:
1. I will be old - 33!
2. We will probably be looking at relocating, if we haven't already.
3. Cole will be 40! HOLY CRAP!

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