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party woah

yea so i am insane i have decided. tristia is officially gone for the weekend. tears. last night i went to the ttriangle with Sara, Matt, Chris, Jen, Becky, Tata, Melinda.. everyone.. oh. guess who shows up.. MY NEW STORE MANAGER. I mean, I know that Lisa is gay, but I wasn't sure if she knew I was. yea, she knows now. It was a little awkward at first but we talked and it was cool. I drank intirely too much and someone that I consider a friend tried hitting on me.. It was weird. I can't explain it. the evening was definitely full of surprises. I was getting someone's # and in my drunkenness, closed my cell before hitting store.. so if you know who you are, i am sorry i haven't called. I am a bad friend, I know. I am going out again tonight with megan. Her man totally got her here and then dumped her! Yea, she got here, they talked/fucked and he told her that he didnt love her anymore and that he started seeing someone last week. Why in the hell would he let her come up here under those pretenses and then drop her?! He still expected her to stay the weekend but she didnt. She came over this way, met us all at Angelo's at like 3am. Yea, I made some new friends. This chic Beth, who is dating Mirina, is really fun. I like her and her roommate Boyd. Interesting, he swore that I wouldnt remember his name.. but I do. I cant wait for meg to get done having beth do her hair so that i can hang out with my crew. I cant drink so much tonight tho, my stomache still hurts from last night. Maybe I wont run into anyone that I dont want to while i am there. eh, peace out my homies.

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