BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

yippee skippy

I got to see Tristia this morning before we went about our day. She came over before work and we got to talk and cuddle and be cute. There were a lot of things i needed to talk to her about.. and things I wanted her to know. I think I am getting insecure and a lot more 'needy' than I have been in the past with her. I don't want to be that girlfriend again. grr. so I have to be a little less dependent on her/this relationship and I will be aight, right?! I hope so.
me and megan hung out at Matt's for a little while last night and it was fun. Kory was there, and we all talked and it was relaxing. good times.
i have to go home now and get ready for work. Will talk to everyone another day, promise
dont forget about all the things to do tomorrow.. CANDLELIGHT VIGIL (5pm) and DEBATE (7pm)
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