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I fear that the United States has given up on the low-income and poverty-stricken folks.
I dream about homeless people dying in the alleys and on benches at the church. Philadelphia's main shelter, Ridge, will be closing down at the end of 2011. This center allows people to drop in and stay as little or as long as they need to. It's also where newly homeless folks go as their first point of contact. They get services and referrals to other private shelters. Cutting this shelter out leaves a huge gap and hundreds of men on the street. Our shelter is facing serious budget issues because our partner's funding was cut. They usually fork out the money for cost of insurance, paying a supervisor to be with the men all night and other accrued cost. We provide the space/utilities/meals for the shelter. We are now considering opening on weekends only, or only weekdays. Or having a shorter shelter seasons. We currently run Nov 1-May 1. We are thinking of changing to Dec1-Mar1. They lost $23,000 in funding and there is NO WAY that our little congregation can supplement that. I am heartbroken for the people who depend on us. Without a safe, warm place to go in the winter, where do you go?
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