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Tristia's house

So, I have become increasingly aware that I feel uncomfortable in my apartment. I feel like I am not wanted there and it makes me sad. It seems like every time I turn around someone is angry with me for something little. I was wrongly accused of something and didnt even get an apology for it. Megan was also 'blamed' for something that when investigated couldn't have been her fault. It was someone else's friend. That made me sad. I have been stayin with Tris so much I can't even sleep at my own house. I stayed at her house last night because I couldn't take another sleepless night in my room. How sad is that, when I am not used to my own room anymore?! So, I slept here last night. No one is home right now so I decided to sleep in today all by myself. It is sort of strange being at her house alone but its so relaxing. Just being loungy laying in her cozy bed with the big blue blanket!
Yesterday was my day from hell. I had to give a speech in Poli Sci.. we had to do either presidential candidates or either proposal on our ballot. Of course, I did proposal 2. As sad as this sounds, I felt like the most informed person on the issue. There were 4 people saying vote yes and 3 of us that were for vote no. The vote yes's were all unfactual, unresearched speeches.. except for one. This 20-ish African American woman spoke about how gay men have the highest disease rate of any group in America. She talked about how LGBTQ people are not a true minority because she quoted someone 'This is a mental choice of the person to care for someone of the same gender'. I really wanted to throw a book at her, truly. I was glad she was after me and not before. I spoke about all the repercussions it could possibly have, touching on the homosexual side VERY LITTLE! I wanted to make a point that its not the 'samesex marriage law' it's way more than that. A lot of people talked about religion and saving our children. How to you tell kids that the neighbors are gay? Can we imagine how that will traumatize a small child?! Hopefully you can raise your children to believe that not all people are the same. It was horrible the way they talked about saving the human race from the gays. If we can get married then dammit that will be an end to heterosexuals, were you aware of that? I wasn't. No one knew that marriage is already illegal here in Michigan. I totally brought that up. I ended my speech with 'We dont need to pass this extreme proposal so that the religious right can feel safer'. Everyone inhaled. It was funny.. I was so scared. I talked after 2 pro-ballot people. I was so enraged and shaking, it was horrible. I talked really fast and I kept thinking I was going to cry. The 2 women before me also were sitting in the FRONT ROW right in front of the podium. I could have thrown something at them,too. Ok, so that was the beginning of my bad day..
Next, I was pissed about my schedule (3rd shift) for this week and so I called our DM. I knew that Sandra would fuck me around anyway. She already managed to work me so that I cant work at Lisa's store. He totally told me that I had gotten myself into this mess and deal with it. Blew me off and called me a tattle tale. He doesnt understand that Sandra is always lying to me and telling me that he said she he didn't say. and I explained that to him. He said nothing except work something out by her. There used to be a note up saying management was going to do 3rds because Bill said so. Well, that isn't being inforced because I sure am not management. I talked to sandra and we both got mad. I was crying I was so angry with her. She told me that she never told me I wouldn't be doing 3rd. Why would she say something like that? bla bla. I walk all over her and she tries to help me. WTF!! When have I walked over her? I rarely ask for a fucking day off and I come in ANY TIME something needs to get covered. SUCK MY STRAP ON!! I hung up on her. She called back and apologized for losing it with me, said she would do what she could to get the 3rds covered. Needless to say, someone else is doing 3rd. Which I truly appreciate.
Movie time.. which was really good..
Then hair time.. Beth gets an attitude and is snappy. I swear that when I see her and her children it makes me not want to have any. Tristia got her hair cut and megan got her perm redone in the front. I am gettin rehighlighted today. we didnt have time lastnight. we were there until midnight as it was.
anyway, that is a day in the life. everything seemed totally fucked up.. truly a mess. today will be better. i got lots of rest. i feel good.
Who wants to go out on Friday?

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