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forgot to mention

Yes, I found out 2 days ago that I only need 21 credits to get my associates. I thought I was a lot farther away from a degree than that. I was going to just transfer the classes but now I guess I will just graduate this spring. I am totally excited. I can't believe it really. I have to work my ass off the next 2 semesters, though. I have a few things left that I have to take and then I will be done. How exciting. I already have my schedule fixed for winter semester. We get to register MONDAY! woohoo. I am so thrilled now that I have something to look forward to.
Yesterday I was SUPPOSED to get my highlights redone at 1pm. I was at her house until 6pm and guess what.. NEVER GOT HIGHLIGHTS!! so i am upset AGAIN. Because she was fiddling around and took 2 hours LITERALLY to trim megan's hair.. i had to cancel plans with Tristia. She and I had these plans all week and then I had to cancel because Beth was being late. that made me mad at the situation and tristia was mad at me. It was just a total mess. But she loves me again, all is well.
I have lost my glasses and I am really sad. I can't see shit and I don't feel very confident not having my goggles on me. I couldn't find them in my room before I came to school. grr's.
Today I have my first faculty meeting and I am scared. Its the CPSC which is the group that decides what new classes are started and what we get rid of and what sort of rules should we have about entering/exiting classes (add/drop). There is a lot to talk about today, too. We are voting on a new Human Relations class, a native American english class, a fire safety class, and something for Building and Construction. It's rather interesting. They gave me SO much paperwork to catch me up on what is happening at meetings. At least now they will have a student opinion on what classes are interesting to student body instead of some instructor who wants to teach a particular thing.
It is SO rainy today. I just want to go lay back down in bed and rethink the intire day. I can't see and I dont feel prepared to be out of bed.
Tristia is going hunting again this weekend. Maybe she will shoot something with her bow. That would make her really happy. I would be proud.. isn't that sick and twisted?
bye bye

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