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I registered for my winter classes this morning. I am taking physical science, economics (money management), and Human relations (special topics & issues). I realized that the counselour who helped me wasnt very intelligent or was in such a hurry that she didnt realize that I WAS DONE with my gen. ed and associates requirements. I have to take certain classes to fill certain requirements and I have all of them done except one which is why I am taking the phys science. she had me thinking I had WAY MORE to go. But once I looked through my transcript and stuff I was like WOAH! I dont have that much to do, just take some wasted classes next semester basically. I need to take a foreign language, so i hope that I can get something offered in Spring. I dont want to take spanish again, tho. I hated that. ugh!
My weekend was odd. I ran into Brandi Harrison at the Triangle friday night. OMG! I havent seen her in 2 years. She has supposedly been in Boston. Well, she was there with a girl that was not Franscesa, her fiancee. Whatever. Same old shit. I wonder why I thought she would possibly change from being a lying hoe. She was so quick to walk away from me. I think she was afraid I would start asking questions. Oh well. bla on her. I worked saturday and then slept the rest of the evening. Yesterday I worked, then went with tristia to take Ryan trick-or-treating. We made plans to do something afterward then totally fell asleep and didnt do anything we had planned on. Sorry to all that I stood up. Blame me. I just wanted to lay down for a lil while.. and sleep. We picked up some garbage from the side of the road and decided to make it our new furniture. We have an entertainment center, a kitchen table, 2 end tables, and one of those racks to go behind the toilet. EXCITING!! We almost have everything that we need for our apartment. If anyone wants to donate anything, we will love you. lol.

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