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ok, who really wants to live within a mile of their 2 ex's? Guess what?! I WILL BE! Brandi just emailed me and told me that she moved back to MI last month and that she and her woman live in .. guess where.. Charter Oaks. So here we are, in building 18.. roxanne lives in building 17.. and I am sure Brandi will be just around the corner. Damn, as if it wasn't akward enough. I get to see the 2 girls to hurt me probably on a daily basis. FABULOUS! grr's.
anyway, I am going to the Triangle tonight. Finally Tristia will be with me, no more hunting for her. Yippee. Tomorrow I am going to see Mommy Dearest at Good Beans at 11am. They are serving brunch. The MParty is sponsoring it, everyone should come. I am also going to CJ and Carrie's for Rachel's Bday/Chocolate party. I am excited to get to see everyone this weekend. I have saturday off which is GREAT! I love having days off.
I went home and slept yesterday when I really should have contemplated packing. I sat on my bed looking around thinking of what I needed to do, but I was like whatever. sleep. heh. I have student government today and I don't want to go. Really just not feeling it today. i am really lethargic. I feel really nervous and I dont know why. I have just been sort of edgy lately.
My brother fixed my car for me. It was the alternator belt. it had fell off or something, it wasn't on there. and he did my brakes. So, now I have my car again. WOOHOO!
work is work. it hates me and i hate it. I want to graduate and be able to do something I want to do, hopefully. something that pays a little better.
aight. bye
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