BILLI (billinaction) wrote,

Looking for a Replacement

Are you job hunting and love social service work? I am reaching out to find my replacement. The term for this position is Sep 1, 2012-Aug 31, 2013. Applications have already started to come in and I want to let people in my life know that it's an opportunity to do some amazing work. You gotta have guts and be willing to work independently most of the time. The perks are an apartment with all utilities included, an okay stipend and the chance to really grow as a member of this community. The downfalls are that the apartment is on site so sometimes it's like  you're working ALL the time, the stipend is "just okay" (but you get student loans deferred while working here), and you deal with some difficult people at times (clients, volunteers and sometimes coworkers). 

My job description:
Outreach Coordinator - 35hrs per week (decent sick/vacation/comp time as well)
-manages the Food/Clothing Cupboard. This includes ordering food as needed, stocking food and sorting food and clothing donations. Every Saturday morning (OMG yes EVERY Saturday morning) wake up very early to start setting up for the Cupboard. 
-manages the men's homeless shelter. This includes being sure that the men have what they need (clothes, blankets, etc), that warm meals are provided on a regular basis (the easy part) and working with our shelter partners to provide a great experience for the residents. There is often cooking and meal preparation involved in this position. You must have or get Food Safety Certified. 
- manages the Urban Service Camp program. This is the most time consuming part of the job. It involves scheduling groups to come on mission trips, planning sites for them to volunteer at, hosting the group while they are here, visiting some of the sites throughout the year to maintain connections, leading discussions and reflections while groups are here, being the "mom" while they are here. Basically "the hostest with the mostest" ha ha ha
- office work. Answering phones, checking the mail, lots of email communications, regular updates to the Wellspring Facebook, writing articles for the church website, ordering food and supplies as needed. Helping out the office administrator with weekly paperwork tasks.
- church laison. The congregation wants to see your face and what you're doing. Must be in church more often than not and report on events that you're hosting or service camps that are in town. You DO NOT have to be religious or seminarian to have this position. We all know that I'm not. 
- fundraising. Help to plan and implement fundraisers to benefit the outreach programs. 
Location: Old City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA 
In the past we've had German volunteers come into the position because the denomination works closely with German churches and it makes sense. You're responsible for your own moving costs to and from Philadelphia.
Please comment or send me a private message if you're interested and I'll send along the application information. 
This is a ONE YEAR commitment that sometimes has an option to renew, but no raise will occur. 

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